Are you passionate about what you're doing?

If not, would you like to be?

It's time to invest in you.

Let's Bust Popular Myths:

  • You don't have to choose between receiving a paycheck OR staying home with the kids. You can have both.

  • You don't have to join a MLM company to earn extra money. (Tip: having your own business is way more gratifying.)

  • You can start a side business with ZERO $$money$$. Yes, you heard me right.

  • You can have a full-time job and still make money on the side easily and completely on your own time with how little or much effort you want.

  • You can take a hobby, interest, or skill and make it into a profitable business! (Seriously, if YouTubers are making $100,000+ just from playing pranks on other people, do not tell me that you cannot turn your skill into a profit because that excuse no longer applies in today's age.) 

  • You don't have to be business savvy to have a successful side business. All you need is a knowledgeable coach to help you get there. 


Family Balance. Financial Freedom. The Dream Job.

But you're unsure how to get started.

The amount of debt you're in weighs on you daily and you're scared of the risks.

You don't have the time, energy, or resources to create your own side business when you're already juggling a million other things. 

What if it's time to put aside the excuses and get exactly what you want?

Imagine if you had a job that energized you because it was tailored to your exact interests, skills, knowledge and experiences.

Imagine if you could create the money you need anytime to pay off debt, to go on vacation, to give your family the life you always dreamed about. 

Imagine if you could wake up excited on a Monday morning because you have found a way to buck the system and find family balance while working your dream job and getting exactly what you want out of this life.

Welcome to Dream Building: Side Business Money, 
the risk-free, self-study course using a predictable, proven system to help you get all of these things through a side business that brings in money while you sleep. 

In this course, you will receive step-by-step guidance for:

  • finding peace in the right mindset for entrepreneurial success
  • honing in on the perfect work-from-home side business tailored to your strengths
  • learning ways to launch a business with $0
  • pivoting to perfect your business even when resistance or failure strikes
  • organically growing your audience/clients/customers
  • marketing with no financial investment
  • executing your idea so that the world can benefit from what you have to offer
  • setting a 90-day gameplan for success

In this self-study, instantly accessible course, you'll receive six weeks of course content as we tap into your unique strengths-—your knowledge, skills, experiences, and passions—and convert them into a work-from-home business idea you can be passionate about while bringing money into your bank account.


New Module Released Once a Week for 6 Weeks

  •  Module 1: Belief and Resistance - The foundation of it all: understanding how integral belief is and how to outwardly and inwardly identify and overcome resistance is imperative to launching your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. There's a reason this is the most important lesson you'll learn: it's the one that'll carry you the furthest in your success. If you don't believe in yourself and your idea, everything else I teach and coach will be pointless, which is why this is so crucial.

  • Module 2: Idea Generation and Content Creation - I will walk you through a detailed analysis of how to choose a side business idea and validate the idea in its market to drive it toward a successful launch.

  • Module 3: Business Building - This is the frame of your business creation as your idea turns into a reality. We will work on product and service development.

  • Module 4: LaunchingThis is the finishing touch as you refine your side business creation and launch it out into the world to quickly generate money by setting it up for success with our proven strategies. Drag and drop programs will be your friend for a quick launch. You'll learn about the best and free tools to make it all easier.

  • Module 5: Marketing Yes, paid ads are always an option. But do you know all of the amazing free ways to market your side business idea these days? We'll put strategies into place that utilize social media and additional programs that market your side business with little effort and no investment from you. Don't fear marketing any longer. It's not how it used to be.

  • Module 6: 90 Day Gameplan - We will set attainable goals for the next 90 days based on wherever you are in your side hustle creation/launch process to make it the most successful.  

What you receive:

  • 6 detailed modules with 3-5 video lessons in each + worksheets  + tutorials that help you determine your side business and guides you on how to build it from the ground up

  • The “How to Determine Your Side Business & 12 Essential Tips instant download guidebook

  • Lifetime access to the self-study course information

  • The opportunity to start making money from home in a job you design that taps into your knowledge, skills, experiences, and passions

  • Guidance in a predictable, proven system to help you become a profitable entrepreneur

  • Everything you need to create a side business that helps you find family balance and financial freedom while working a job you love

It's time to invest in you

You will receive instant and lifetime access to this self-study course.


Lauren Eckhardt

Lauren Eckhardt

Marvel Makers Club Founder

Lauren Eckhardt

I’m a mama of two incredible boys, an introvert, empath, Author of Young Adult and Women’s Fiction, and the Marvel Makers Coach. I love to cook, read, travel, boulder and try my hand in whatever creative outlet I can. In September 2019, I founded the Marvel Makers Club. With 15 years of human resources, counseling and leadership work experience and education, I have a passion for helping women (fellow moms and introverts especially) rise above limiting beliefs and resistance to reach their dreams.


  • How long is this course?

    There are 6 modules with 3-5 lessons per module. A new module will open up each Sunday. You can work at your own pace.

  • Is this all online?

    The course is 100% online. There will also be an interactive private group used for discussion, motivation, encouragement, idea support, and coaching with other cohort members to fuel creativity.

  • What are the expected outcomes?

    By the end of this course, you should have at least one side hustle identified with an active plan for launch. Most students seize the excitement and successfully launch theirs in weeks 3 and 4, but each module is designed to provide full support and education.

  • Who should take this course?

    Anyone who wants to be empowered by making their OWN money! Moms, students, professionals--anyone. This is not a MLM opportunity. This is your own idea being converted into a way to bring money into your bank account. These methods have been backed with success stories from a range of moms/dads, students, and professionals making thousands of dollars in one month. The goal of a side hustle like this is to make money while you sleep to help fund the life you want.